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Virtual Sorento Bay Swim – January 2022

Registrations Now Open! 
The Sorrento Bay Swim is returning in 2022, held virtually during the month of January 2022. The Swim was not held in 2021 due to the pandemic, and at the time of making the decision whether to proceed, we were not in a place ready to return to a live event in 2022, so the Swim will be held virtually. We are really excited to be back up and running! REGISTER HERE.

Sorrento Bay Swim 
The Sorrento Bay Swim is a major fundraising activity for the Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club. It has been held for 18 years and caters for novice and experienced swimmers of all ages.

This year the event is being held virtually, so entrants can nominate whether to swim 600m, 2000m, or 4000m, either in the open water or in a pool, at any location and at any time during January 2022. We have reduced the cost of the entry fees, so we are encouraging entrants to create a fundraising page during the registration process, where they can share it with family and friends to sponsor them for completing the swim, to help us with our fundraising. On completion of the Swim, entrants will upload evidence of their swim if they use Strava, or enter the details manually, and will then receive a T-Shirt and Certificate of Participation.

It’s a great opportunity for families to complete the Swim together, and for learner swimmers and swimmers with mobility issues to participate. Having the whole month of January to complete the Swim allows entrants to choose a day and time that suits them, and for those unable to complete the full distance in one swim, it can be completed over several days.

Sorrento and its beaches are one of the major tourist destinations in Victoria. The Surf Life Saving Club provides a valuable community service with a well-patrolled beach environment for locals and visitors to Sorrento back beach. This bay swim event assists Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club with its endeavours to keep our beach safe and provide the youth of the area with a Surf Awareness program to learn surf safety through our excellent junior surf program. The Swim also assists to fund raise for important safety equipment such as rescue boards and inflatable rescue boats.

We whole heartedly thank all our wonderful sponsors, supporters, entrants, and Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club members and their families. Your ongoing support of our event and our club is greatly appreciated. We hope to continue to see your smiling faces over summer, at our wonderful club on the Sorrento back beach, and in our township supporting our local businesses.

Entry Details 
Enter the 600m, 2000m, or 4000m swim and complete your swim any time, at any location in the open water or in a pool, during January 2022. Register online here.

  • 600m – Junior & Novice: $25
  • 2000m – Open, Seniors, Masters, Grand Master & Legends: $40
  • 4000m – ELITE: $40

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