Sorrento SLSC Membership

New Member:

Please join the club via SLSA and ensure each family members is joined individually as a separate membership. Payments can be made during this process as advised on the SLSA site.

Renewing Membership:

Please login via the SLSA. and provided you renew one family or one individual membership, we will arrange the membership renewal for the rest of the family for you. Payment can be made whilst logged-in under any family or individual membership in your family. Please note, if logging-on proves too onerous, we are happy to renew your family membership on your behalf. Please email membership@sorrentoslsc.com and state your family members names and who if anyone is doing nippers/cadets in your family. We will issue an invoice for payment from the club to complete the process (your nippers place will already be assured).

Handy Info:
  • Important Note – All members over the age of 18 require a valid Working With Children Check, with Sorrento SLSC nominated as an affiliated Club with DHS. As an a interim arrangement, please email these details to membership@sorrentoslsc.com.

  • Membership Fees: • Family membership (no Nippers) $210 • Single membership $105 • Cadets $180 • Family membership with one nipper $320 • Family membership with 2+ nippers $390 • Individual with 100+ patrol hours from previous season $0 • Family with 100+ patrol hours from previous season {Half Price} Membership • Memebrship is due on 1st Sept each year

  • Each member is required to have their own account on the SLSA site including nipper parents.

More comprehensive membership registration instructions can be found here.

Code of Conduct:

SSLSC is committed to the safeguarding of children and young people in Surf Life Saving. One way we do this is by ensuring that our members behave in a way which creates a safe, positive and inclusive environment. Surf Life Saving’s Codes of Conduct represent the minimum standards of member behaviour and must be complied with at all times. There are two Codes of Conduct, both of which can be found in the SLSA Member Protection Policy.

  • The General Code of Conduct: includes expectations relating to respect; ethics; professionalism; complying with SLSA rules, policies and procedures; reporting breaches of the Codes or Safeguarding Program; and being a positive role model.

  • The Code of Conduct for People in Positions of Authority when Dealing with Children or Young People: includes expectations relating to positive guidance; overnight stays; language; adhering to role boundaries; transporting children; use of electronic communication; use of changing rooms; use of photography; physical contact; gift giving; wearing of uniforms; and use of alcohol or drugs.

Members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Codes of Conduct, and to ensure that their behaviour, as well as the behaviour of others within the Club, is appropriate. Other policies that may be read in conjunction with the SLSA Member Protection Policy is the Grievance Policy and the Member Protection Complaints Handling Policy.

Members are encouraged to say something if they see something that doesn’t feel right, or is not in line with the Codes of Conduct.

Member Protection Officer:

The role of the Member Protection Officer (MPO) is to provide information and guidance on complaints and procedures. The MPO is the first point of call in the club for any enquiries, concerns or complaints about harassment, abuse or other inappropriate behavior. These behaviours may be regarding the behaviour of a member in relation to another member, a member in relation to a person in the community or a person in the community may contact us in regard to the behaviour of one of our members. The MPO will provide information about possible ways to resolve the issue and offer support to the person who raises the concern or the person who is the subject of the alleged behaviour. All information is treated as strictly confidential (including from members of the SSLSC Committee).

If you would like to bring a situation to our attention, we invite you to contact us confidentially. We may ask you to submit a formal letter of complaint, citing details and evidence about your situation. The MPO will then launch an investigation into the situation and we can move to take appropriate actions and resolutions.

Sorrento SLSC Member Protection Officer:

Contact: Morgan Landers.

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