Sorrento SLSC

250 Ocean Beach Rd, P/O Box 395,   Sorrento Vic 3943

Our NEW website contains information for visitors to the area, people intending to get involved in surf lifesaving, and operational information (patrol times, rosters, events) for club members.

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Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club Vic.

Sorrento SLSC Lifesavers; Gerry Lute; Hugh Gastin

Sorrento is located near the tip of the Mornington Peninsula. It is famous for its beautiful bay and ocean beaches.

Sorrento SLSC has more than 700 members. Each patrol season club members perform in excess of 20 rescues and over 200 preventative actions on the main ocean beach. The Club is an active member of the local community, patrolling the back beach, providing sport and recreation, water safety training, skill development and offering front line first aid and emergency services.